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how strong is a gorilla compared to a bear

I can totally see the bear just going for the throat, but what if the gorilla lunges and gets its hand around the bear? Koko the Gorilla who lived in captivity was capable of speaking a subset of sign language. 0 0? Gorillas are indeed amusing as compared to the grizzly bear, as they can make various expressions which the grizzly bear cannot. It takes 6 grown men to control 1 male chimp. Furthermore, they have strong arms, long and grasping fingers and toes. Gorillas is x their weight. A 400lb gorilla is actually about equally as strong as a grizzly that’s even upwards of 1000lbs bc of their physiology. Id say do to size and strength bear and gorilla take it 6-7 times. Give it your belt, shoes and any gold fillings you have, while you’re at it. The Grizzly bear is a strong animal that is known to kill even humans. A gorilla bites stronger than a lion, but loses to the bear's crush. In what? All those techniques that we rely on to defeat stronger opponents aren’t going to … Top Answer. The strength of a gorilla is like a superhuman power when compared, adult gorillas are four to nine times more powerful than average humans. A gorilla not being aggressive is 4-9 times stronger than a human. Faster?-Ever seen videos of bears taking down a bison or an elk, I don't like the gorilla's chances here Teeth..a gorilla's teeth are just basically larger versions of human teeth, it does not have the exagerated canines, not the carnisalias of the bear, it also has far less jaw strength. Loading... 280 COMMENT . Bear traps weigh hundreds of pounds, and this bear tosses it around like it's a toy!Still think it would be fun to get close to a bear? Gorillas are strong, but they aren't made to kill like a bear or a tiger is. To date, no research has been conducted into how strong gorillas are compared to humans. In a ‘head-to-head, mano-a-mano’ melee between the biggest version of each species – the grizzly bear vs the silverback gorilla. Yet it didn’t let us down when they pitted two of nature’s most iconic creatures against one another: the silverback gorilla and the male African lion. To give you an idea of what that looks like, they can lift up to 1,800 pounds and effectively throw with nearly 990 pounds of force. A 165 lb male chimpanzee named ‘Boma’ was able to pull a force of 847 lb on a dynamometer, whereas a human of the same weight could only pull 210 lb. No comparison in them . Coming on to the results, let me tell you that grizzly bear will win the fight if all the conditions are perfect or as mentioned in this article. PRESENT YOUR REQUEST May 18, 2017. Gorillas are gentle creatures, but why the do fight, it’s extremely nasty. It beats the bear in agility too. Let’s say it’s the largest recorded bear and weighs 1700lbs, it would still be no easy fight. If you are searching for a useful article on Grizzly Bear and Western Gorilla, then you are in the right place. A gorilla male probably looks much stronger than he actually is, as he doesn't have that much … It is always interesting to look at these primates because of their fascinating behaviours triggered by intelligence. Males are 10–20% larger than females. On average, a gorilla is anywhere between 4 to 9 times the strength of a man. People act like Grizzlies are the strongest animal or something. Gorillas are the weakest and slowest animal here, and the worst fighter by far . It is the smallest of the bears, but its jaw is extremely powerful. Yes the gorilla is strong, compared to a human, it's nothing compared to a bear. However, did you know that silverback gorillas have a bite twice as strong as a lion? They must be able to defend against lions and other big animals. Yes, silverbacks are strong too, but not strong enough to counter the fact that a grizzly can match its strength while also being twice its size, not to mention the 3-inch knives attached to their paws. How Strong are Gorillas Compared to Humans? Gorilla have been around a long time in Africa. 6 years ago. Go further to know who will win the fight between western Gorilla vs Grizzly bear. The simple fact is, although … The sun bear (Helarctos malayanus), also known as the “honey bear” is a bear found in tropical forest habitats of Southeast Asia. How strong is a grizzly? Among all the members of the apes, chimpanzees and gorillas are great apes and come next to humans in the brain sizes compared to the body. Mountain gorillas do not start fights. i agree a chimp is no way near strong as 7 men (maybe gorilla is, in SOME cases) Theres some weight lifters that would benchpress twice as much as a silverback, but on the other hand the average silverback would DEAD LIFT twice the world record. Silverbacks look to have a strong upper body but grizzlies are still bigger. Cairns immediately pounced on the opportunity to work with apex predators, explaining, … Some people say that a silverback male is ten times stronger than a man while others claim a silverback is 27 times stronger. They have a bite force of a significant 1300 pounds per square inch, tough enough to grind the barks and roots of plants. Asked by Wiki User. outpower the chimp in most of the cases yes - all except dead lifting and grip strength! A common question that runs in many people’s brain is “what if a strong man got into a fight with a gorilla? After reading this article, you are now complete with the knowledge of their features. Both of them have almost equal weights. This makes them compatible with fighting with each other. Not sure if serious or not. These beasts are also highly intelligent. The bear essentials of strength. Years ago, I saw a silver back take a five foot diaemter truck tyre and mash it flat, picking it up and squashing it in and out several times, like a person playing an accordion. Among all the monkeys, Gorillas have an attractive and muscular body much like that of human bodybuilders. This means a gorilla can strategically place itself in a position that gives it an advantage during the fight. Adults are about 120–150 cm (47–59 in) long and weigh 27–80 kg (60–176 lb). Answer. Other than insects, Gorillas are the strongest animal on the planet lb for lb. If their sharp canines have you wondering, their purpose is to scare off external threats. But lets say the bear is stronger. His strength is proportional. Many people have wondered how much stronger are gorillas than humans. A 400 pound Gorilla vs 400 pound Asiatic black bear, at size parity this face-off is not very debatable, I would favor the bear hands down. As to why they’re so strong, that’s an easier question to answer. Gorilla VS Polar Bear Deadliest Beast Royal Rumble in the Polar Jungle. The bear might have claws, but can it hit the quick gorilla? How strong is a Bear compared to a gorilla? Answer. Generally, gorillas are very shy and reserved for humans. Don Childers. The animal channel claims that the Silverback Gorilla is stronger than a Grizzly Bear. 0. gorilla vs grizzly bear It has strong canine teeth that tear their prey’s flesh. The gorilla expresses a lot of emotion. You generally shouldn't compare killers to plant eaters unless the strength difference is to the point of ridiculousness like a lion vs an elephant. Gorilla has no chance whatsoever vs a bear or a tiger. A 9MM to the face may not kill a bear but I’d like to see it take a cannon to the face or any body part for that matter and walk away from it. Way, way stronger than you. Wiki User Answered . The mountain gorilla, Gorilla gorilla, and the western lowland gorilla, G. beringei, are not as strikingly different in size or behavior as the two chimp species. Male lowland gorilla = shy of 400 pounds and about 6x stronger than a man. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Silverback Gorilla can lift 815 kilograms (1800 pounds) of dead weight. Massively strong torso and arms, built mostly for pulling strength. Canines = 3-4". That is much much stronger. A truly BIG Grizzly, can weigh as much as a 1,000 lbs, and stand close to 9 ft tall.

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